Meet Our BCHA Staff

Randy Rasmussen

Randy Rasmussen is BCHA’s Advisor for Public Lands & Recreation. He succeeded BCHA’s legendary Dennis Dailey of Pinedale, Wyoming, who recruited and endorsed securing Randy as his replacement. Randy began with BCHA in 2012, and shifted to full-time with BCHA in 2014. One of his primary roles is assisting BCHA’s Executive Committee and state organizations to advance initiatives and strengthen … Read More

Jim McGarvey

Jim McGarvey, is currently the BCHA Executive Director. He is a horseman from Calhoun, Georgia, and was first BCHA’s first Chairman from east of the Rocky Mountains,  serving for years 2013 and 2014. I He is an accomplished businessman. As co-founder and CEO of BenchMark Consulting International, Jim built “the smallest company with the biggest clients in the world.” Its fifty professionals … Read More